Why Hiring a Bodyguard is a Wise Investment?

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Securing Your Personal Safety: Why Hiring a Bodyguard is a Wise Investment Is your personal safety a top priority? Do you often find yourself in high-risk situations? If so, hiring a bodyguard may be a wise investment. Hire Bodyguards for personal security for celebrities etc. With increasing concerns about safety, more and more individuals are […]

Active Shooter Survival Training

Looking closely at these events helps us recognize what we can learn, and how we can apply these lessons moving forward to reduce the likelihood that another town must face this type of unimaginable loss. On May 24, 2022, the town of Uvalde, Texas, suffered a major tragedy in the form of a mass shooting […]

What is Protective Surveillance?

“Protective Surveillance is offered to clients who require covert Close Protection Services, ideal for families, or in stalking cases” What is ‘Protective Surveillance’ Protective Surveillance is a covert method of carrying out Close Protection. It enables a principal or group to go about their daily routine without obtrusive protection, yet with the peace of mind […]

Body Guard Services North Carolina

Hiring personal security has never been easier and more and more people are doing it, it’s no longer exclusive to Hollywood stars, Royalty or the rich and famous. It is quite common place for medium to large firms to utilize the services of a close protection provider to ensure that their executives are safe, this […]

Lara Trump could take Senator Burr’s (R-NC) seat!!

Republican Senate candidate Mark Walker of North Carolina is pushing back against a prediction by Sen. Lindsey Graham of neighboring South Carolina. Graham, a major ally and supporter of former President Donald Trump, says the vote by retiring GOP Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina on Saturday to convict Trump in his impeachment trial will make the former president’s daughter-in-law – Lara Trump – a shoe-in to […]

Security Guards VS VIP Protection

Security Guards VS VIP Protection: Security guards and VIP Protection body guards are both commonly employed to provide private protections services. Their roles, however, differ. A security guard protects property and people; the people protected are those that are in the physical space that the security guard is responsible for, be it an airport, bank, […]

Why Building Security is Important to Your Company

From small businesses to international corporations, your company needs a secure location to safeguard assets and staff. Discover important ways you can keep your building secure, and how building security can help keep your business operating and thriving in a competitive market. Business Safety is Invaluable When it comes to safety and security, there are […]

Should I Hire a Bodyguard?

Hire Bodyguards

If you’ve received threats or anticipate malicious attacks, the world no longer feels as safe as it once did. Turning to bodyguard security can help individuals regain peace of mind and protect themselves against stalkers, kidnappers, and others who seek to do them harm. Still, choosing the right bodyguards is easier said than done. Find […]

Body Guard in North Carolina

When you realize you need a bodyguard, you want to make sure you find the right person. You must fully trust your bodyguard to protect you and your property. So how do you find the right person for this important responsibility? You start by looking for the right characteristics. Here are the qualities you should […]

Private Security in Charlotte NC

Every business must confront the three major workplace security issues – staff safety, asset security, and the protection of data and other valuable information. These security issues require a robust workplace security system to avoid any risk to a business, which may be physical damage, robbery, theft, or system hacking. Physical security is arguably the most […]