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If you’ve received threats or anticipate malicious attacks, the world no longer feels as safe as it once did. Turning to bodyguard security can help individuals regain peace of mind and protect themselves against stalkers, kidnappers, and others who seek to do them harm. Still, choosing the right bodyguards is easier said than done. Find out everything you need to know about what to look for in bodyguard services with tips and insights from N.C. Protection Group a premier private detective and security agency serving North Carolina.

Background and Training

The best bodyguards typically come from two fields: law enforcement and the military. Many of the most important skills utilized by bodyguards are taught in these professions, including strong powers of observation, the ability to detect and deter threats, and the competence required to intervene physically when needed. Individuals with a background in the military or law enforcement also tend to share important traits of character, such as a commitment to serving and protecting others and the grit required to do whatever is needed in difficult situations.

Beyond agencies that hire from these fields, look for bodyguard services that put a high priority on training. Bodyguard security requires many specialized skills, including:

  • Facility security management, such as patrolling and controlling entry and exit for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Escort and coordinated movement of individuals and assets
  • Coordination with first responders, law enforcement, and other security providers
  • Emergency response protocols
  • Interacting with disturbed and potentially dangerous individuals

Essential Qualifications

Be sure to ask about the qualifications of their employees and the licenses and certifications they hold. A reputable organization will be able to assure you their team offers all of the following:

  • All required state licensure
  • Appropriate firearms permits, including open and concealed carry
  • Security driving techniques
  • Physical fitness standards that prepare guards for confrontations
  • And more…

If the security firm can’t or won’t answer questions about qualifications, they may not be able to keep you, your colleagues, or your family safe.

Strong Personal Qualities

No one is born a bodyguard – the profession requires dedication, hard work, and consistent skills improvement. At the same time, reputable agencies take personal characteristics into account alongside work experience and training. For example, training can enhance situational awareness but it also requires discipline and focus. Your bodyguard should be immune to distractions that might compromise your safety and always remain aware of the conditions of your location and nearby individuals who present a threat.

Excellent judgment and high intelligence are necessary for every personal security professional. Capable bodyguards draw on past experiences and analysis of the current situation to make the right call in the heat of the moment. When critical decisions must be made, you can count on them to get it right. The best bodyguards think critically and strategically, even when situations escalate and become intense. They maintain a calm demeanor that stays cool under pressure and gives their clients confidence.

Communication skills are also essential. There’s no time for miscommunication and unclear directives in life-or-death situations. Accordingly, bodyguards must be able to give instructions, relay reports, and receive information from colleagues with absolute clarity.

High Standards for Professionalism

A bodyguard service should be an asset to your business or personal life. This means that customer service and professionalism must be at the forefront of everything a security firm does, from communication during the hiring stage to interactions with individual bodyguards on the job.

You should feel as confident about how bodyguards represent you as you do in their ability to protect you. To ensure this level of confidence, look for a team that emphasizes polite communication, and approachable demeanor, and a humble attitude in every guard.

Working Independently and as a Team

Personal security work requires a high level of collaboration with clients, between bodyguards, and with other professionals, such as police officers and emergency response teams. Teamwork yields the best protection, and it should always be emphasized to an agency’s bodyguards and its clients.

At the same time, the team isn’t always there to have a bodyguard’s back. Every bodyguard should be capable of working independently when the need arises. In general, a strong sense of collaboration and expert-level communication help ensure individuals act independently when the need arises.

Available at a Moment’s Notice

Some companies and individuals prefer around-the-clock protection, but this doesn’t suit every client. The right bodyguard service will work with you to determine the best level of security, including the required coverage and personnel. Doing so helps ensure a responsive security program that adapts to evolving needs.

Additionally, bodyguard security must be available as quickly as possible. Life is not predictable and neither are the schedules of busy professionals. While instantaneous responses aren’t always possible, a competent security organization should be able to provide on-demand security with personnel at your side in as little as an hour.

Learn More about Hiring a Bodyguard Service

Nothing in life is more valuable than your safety and security. If you require highly trained bodyguards who utilize established best practices and stay on the cutting-edge of the personal security industry, contact N.C. Protection Group. Our bodyguard service employs only the highest caliber professionals to ensure your safety and provide peace of mind. 919-886-NCPG (6274)

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