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The NC Protection Group consists of a proven team of performers with the knowledge, confidence, and experience needed to provide responsive, cost-effective protection solutions in today’s uncertain world. Our mission is to offer the highest level of personal protection service and training that includes comprehensive risk analysis, as well as protection of vital assets, coupled with extraordinary customer service. 

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Our highly trained, licensed & experienced personal protection specialists bring unparalleled knowledge, integrity, and professional expertise to a broad spectrum of protection concerns. They share over 100 years of combined service in the field of personal protection with a proven reputation in a global market.

The NC Protection Group has international capabilities and is ready to go at a moment’s notice. The majority of the work in which our U.S. based specialists are engaged revolves around large corporations, celebrities, and those VIP’s who have a need for the ultimate in personal protection and service.

Our “concierge” team assists our clients with various tasks like making reservations, arranging for spa services, transportation (limousines, aircraft, yachts, etc.), procurement of tickets to special events and assisting with personal errands. In upscale establishments, we will “achieve the impossible”, dealing with any request you may have, relying on an extensive list of contacts with local merchants and service providers to exceed your expectations.

Our Protection Specialists are located in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and surrounding areas! We are here to protect you, your family, and your property nation wide! 919-886-NCPG (6274)


Years of Experience

Gary Pastor
Founder & President

Other investigative and consultative services include:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Executive Protection and Security Consulting 
  • Asset and Executive Protection Services
  • Corporate Security, Loss Prevention, Safe Rooms/Security Systems, Workplace/School Violence Intervention and Consulting
  • Anti-wiretapping Services and Countermeasures
  • Event and Tour Security
  • Confidential Investigations, Due Diligence, Asset Searches, Insurance Claims, Missing Persons, Mate Screenings, Personal and Business Profiles
  • Undercover Operations
  • Suspect Interviews
  • Surveillances
  • Threat and Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Crisis/Disaster and Business Continuity Management Plans

These services are provided nationally and internationally to law firms, commercial property management firms, retail establishments, corporations, and security companies.

Decades of Expertise

Gary Pastor, our President and founder, is a seasoned security professional with over 35 years of expertise across various domains, including Criminal Investigations, Executive Protection, and the Security Field. As a former law enforcement officer and Marine Corps Veteran, he serves as an expert witness, consultant, and strategist.

Specializing in providing testimony and consultation services related to premises liability, Gary focuses on negligent security or security negligence, crime foreseeability, third-party criminal acts, security standards of care, security operations, (including staffing and training), security systems integration and countermeasures, as well as security assessments, analysis, and investigative processes. His extensive background includes roles in US Marine Security Forces, Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Insurance Investigations, and Wrongful Death investigations. Having served as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer for the Greenville (NC) Police Department, he holds a proud record as a Marine Corps Veteran.

Gary is a key figure in the industry, serving on the board of directors for the NCAPI and influencing legislation related to protection and investigations. Since 1999, he has been at the helm as the Owner & President of the NC Protection Group (d.b.a. Private Eyes, Inc.) and has acquired The Eagle Group PI in Virginia. Holding a full license as a Private Investigator, both personally and for his business, Gary’s licenses were issued by the Private Protective Services Board (NCPPSB). Additionally, he is an armed Personal Protection Specialist (PPS), possessing a North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit and having completed the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board (NCPPSB) Armed Certification Course.

Gary’s commitment revolves around providing seamless protection and logistical support, consistently focusing on risk mitigation for clients, their companies, and assets. Emphasizing the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect, he ensures that trust is built and maintained while delivering exceptional investigative and protective services. This commitment to diversity and respect is instilled in his employees who adhere to the company’s guiding principles.

“Investigations and Protection Guiding Principles.”

  • All investigations and protective services will be conducted thoroughly and competently.
  • We commit to maintaining professionalism in all our operations for both internal and external clients.
  • We will always strive to provide exceptional Client customer service and communications.
  • Our rates for our services must be both competitive and cost beneficial for our Clients.

Founder/President/Owner: (Armed) Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) – Greenville Corporate Division and Licensed Private Investigator (LPI) NCPPSB No. 2664  

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