Deployable Security

Deployable Security in times of Natural disaster, Human-made Catastrophe and Emergency Security Response.

Protecting assets in post-disaster environments is a unique mission which can be difficult for even in the best-prepared companies and corporations. The magnitude of public safety issues, unpredictable consequences and non-functional infrastructure can be overwhelming to public authorities and limit the capacity of police and first-responders to be effective during these times this is why we provide Deployable Security . As with previous incidents, such as Hurricane Katrina, organizations that fail to be proactive to these problems via disaster recovery planning and by relying on local public safety and security providers often find themselves unprotected or paying unnecessary premiums.

Protecting assets and interests through: Quality, not quantity.

Our disaster response teams provide a range of security and mitigation assistance to companies and government agencies located in multi-state post-disaster environments.

In addition to facility protection in afflicted zones, other services provided by our disaster response teams include:

  • Recovery and transportation of assets.
  • Rescue of client employees stranded in locations with damaged infrastructure.
  • Protection of mobile assets such as power line trucks and supply convoys traveling through affected
  • reas.
  • roviding emergency communications, food, fuel, transportation, and even medical

What sets us apart?: Quality Staff

  • Experienced and competent personnel.
  • Tailored to the requests of the client and task.
  • Quickly deployed and sustainable.
  • Scalable solutions to fit any catastrophic event.
  • Focus on proactive risk mitigation utilizing cutting-edge technology to observe, report and collaborate with our field agents and clients.

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