What is Protective Surveillance?

“Protective Surveillance is offered to clients who require covert Close Protection Services, ideal for families, or in stalking cases”

What is ‘Protective Surveillance’

Protective Surveillance is a covert method of carrying out Close Protection. It enables a principal or group to go about their daily routine without obtrusive protection, yet with the peace of mind that they are surrounded by a highly trained protective team. This type of method of Close Protection is useful for victims of stalking and for clients who do not wish to offend their hosts by looking overprotected. Many celebritys know that  Protective Surveillance is perfect for those who face hostile threats but do not desire an overt close protection team to be part of their lifestyle.

How does ‘Protective Surveillance’ work?

Where a client might have two or three Close Protection officers within arms lenght and visible to passers by; with Protective Surveillance, only one bodyguard would be visible, with other bodyguards slightly further out, observing the client and any threats that may present themselves.

Protective Surveillance allows a lot more flexibility of using both male and female operatives, where if the client were for example a Middle Eastern Royal and therefore only normally has female bodyguards, male bodyguards could be put in the Close Surveillance role, bolstering the capability of the team.

Our ‘Protective Surveillance’ Services

Intelligent Protection International Limited offers Protective Surveillance as either a stand-alone service, or to aid our Close Protection Services.

Protective Surveillance is a means of providing protection, ongoing intelligence and risk assessment via surveillance, both physical and electronic. Protective Surveillance is ideal where normal Close Protection Services might be seen as sensitive, intrusive or inappropriate.

Protective Surveillance is suitable for:

  1. High-Net-Worth Individuals
  2. Stalking
  3. Children and Families

We would also recommend Protective Surveillance as part of a larger Close Protection Package, used as an intelligence and risk management tool, allowing constant Security Risk Assessment from a stand-off position.

To aid our Protective Surveillance services, North Carolina Protection Group deploys VIP Bodyguard Surveillance in addition to, covert audio and video surveillance.

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