Consulting Services

Security through conformity: Meeting or exceeding standards
Threats confronting businesses are constantly evolving and increasing in their complexity. Our consultants are skilled at analyzing corporate security programs to discover gaps, exploitable vulnerabilities and prioritizing areas for improvement. We are able to offer concrete recommendations for accepting, reducing, transferring or mitigating risk. The ultimate goal of our assessments, enabled by our methodology, is to identify the risks and vulnerabilities that can have a severe negative impact on the corporation or place critical infrastructure at risk, causing downtime in business operations and reducing continuity.

Our philosophy is to provide security assessments and audit services which result in useable, real world solutions for our clients. We understand the needs of our clients and are committed to providing effective deliverables to the client.

Consulting services:

• Risk identification and analysis
• Threat and vulnerability assessment
• Review of site and facility security

• Evaluation of present security program
• Prioritization of recommendations
• Due diligence & business intelligence

What Sets Us Apart?:
Front line communication with the client to understand needs and appropriately assess risk.
Our assessment methodology involves observation, inspection and prioritization of recommendations.
High risk catastrophic triage protocols resulting in a higher return on investment.
Experienced professionals with experiential and practical knowledge.