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What Does a Security Guard Do?

Security Patrol Services Explained:

Patrol is a standard, yet an important service offered by most security firms. In a nutshell, patrol can be summed up as guarding a specific area by frequently walking or driving around the premises in order to monitor activities and potential threats. Security patrol is an often underappreciated but vitally important part of keeping people and property safe. Disciplines that make security guards effective for any assignment, include the ability to be astute to what is occurring around them, as well as respond appropriately. A crucial part of being an effective guard is conducting regular patrol by foot or vehicle to monitor what is occurring throughout the property being secured.

What Are My Options for Security Patrol?

If you are interested in securing your property with the use of security patrol guards, you may be wondering how the process works and what the benefits are. There are two types of patrolling available, patrol on foot or by vehicle.

Patrolling on foot remains a popular option due to the accessibility of the guard to the site they are monitoring. A guard is able to walk around the property, through the property, and even into the client’s establishment to fully monitor all activities and potential threats. Being able to get up close to the area being monitored allows the guard to quickly recognize security issues or threats. Patrolling can reveal vulnerabilities to the site, such as water problems, fire, unlocked doors, open windows, or even people trespassing on your property. This preventative action can prevent large scale losses from occurring.

Patrolling by vehicle is the preferred method for those with large areas of property that need to be monitored. That way a guard can look over your entire property in an efficient manner. This is of particular importance if a potential threat is expected. There are a variety of “vehicles” used to patrol, such as bicycles, automobiles, golf carts, and other similar methods of transportation.

Frequent Customers

The world of security patrol is expanding from residential security only to include commercial security in an effort to fight back against high rates of criminal activities. Commercial industries with large properties are great candidates for security patrol. Construction, event, farming, and hotel businesses are now frequent customers for security patrol due to the sheer size of their security needs.

Why Patrols Are Effective

Security guards prioritize regular patrols to ensure the protection of their clients, properties, and patrons. Guards are trained to monitor areas on the sly to avoid attention and keep in touch with superiors. These guards will frequently check in at a checkpoint arranged for easy access. Additionally, they are provided with the tools to address threats while on patrol, such as pepper sprays, communication devices, and a baton. Their most effective tool may be the element of surprise. Entry points, as well as times for a scheduled patrol are done at random and without a consistent pattern, preventing criminals from planning their activities around patrols.

Patrol is An Important Aspect of Overall Security

Security patrol allows a consistent monitoring of your property, as well as the prevention of incidents from occurring. Patrol continues to gain momentum as many industries seek these services to protect their property, patrons, and employees. Patrol guards receive specialized training to ensure they are ready to tackle any threat while on patrol.

Ensure customers and employees always feel safe and secure with the help of regular patrols. Use preventative action to stop small threats from turning into a serious emergency. Rest easy knowing someone can respond quickly if an emergency does occur. The simple appearance of patrolling guards will serve as a deterrent to criminal activity in the first place.

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