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While many people may be familiar with the ideas of surveillance and bodyguards, there is a widely held belief that only A-list celebrities and high-profile political figures require security services. Nothing could be further from the truth. While executive protection is ideal for people with significant public profiles, it is also beneficial for corporate executives and other at-risk people.

How Executive Protection Works

Depending on the level of protection required, a security team may be put in place to handle home security, bodyguard duty and possibly cybersecurity. However, the number of people and the services offered are all based on threat assessments.

Additionally, much has to do with whether protection is for foreign or domestic ventures because the dangers are somewhat different. Domestically you are guarded against known hostiles, but when traveling abroad, it is possible to be targeted for your nationality. Regardless of the potential threats, top security firms like N.C. Protection Group do their due diligence to ensure the protection of the asset or protected.

When It’s Necessary

Corporations and other entities must determine how that budget can be used effectively. In most instances, these decisions can be based off three questions.

  1. Who needs the most protection?
  2. Who is vulnerable to kidnapping or ransom?
  3. Who may need added protection when traveling abroad?

Most likely these questions will point to top-level executives or politicians and their families. Therefore, the majority of a protection budget should be put aside for these influential individuals and their loved ones.

Individuals Most Likely to Require Protection

When talking about executive protection, it is essential to protect those individuals with high-profile professions and leaders of industry who have access to trade secrets or governmental influence. However, the list extends beyond political figures and executives. While they are at the top of the protective chain, other people are just as vulnerable.

  • Politicians
  • Celebrities
  • Dignitaries
  • Executives and CEOs
  • Professional athletes
  • Musicians and Performers
  • Wealthy individuals
  • VIPs

Benefits of Service

Protective detail goes beyond securing one individual. While individual protection is the main intention and purpose, the resulting effect is for the protection of the family and other sensitive material. Therefore, while security and threat assessment are designed around a specific individual and their loved ones, the overall process leads to the protection of information and against influence as well.

  • Protection of individual and corporate assets
    The safety and well-being of the individual are first and foremost. However, high-profile people, especially those in the defense industry, likely hold information of paramount importance. Therefore, when protecting these individuals, a security force is also securing valuable and sensitive information.
  • Reduction of stress with provided security
    Then, with the protection of the individual and trade secrets, comes a reduction in stress for corporate risks. Knowing that all high-profile personnel with the knowledge to influence or destroy a company are protected and safe, means that the worry of corporate espionage is diminished and peace of mind increased.
  • Support and supervision for improved efficiency
    Also, the security provided to executives and their families often results in an environment of increased productivity and efficiency. If a CEO knows that they are safe from harm, they are more capable of performing and focusing on their job, and if they know that their family is safe, they are better able to focus on the business moving forward.

Ensuring Success

While the benefits of private security may sound appealing, it is important to note that effective protection is dependent on more than just a top-notch security force. A team is only as capable as its weakest member, and that includes the individual being protected. While the protected does not have to serve as an active participant in their security detail, there are a couple of things that are required for protection.

  • Cooperation
    It is nearly impossible to protect individuals who do not want protection. If a person is resistant to the security plan and takes an active role in protesting the process, then a security detail may prove to be ineffective. Every person under the care and supervision of a bodyguard or team must be willing to cooperate fully with the instituted plan.
  • Scrutiny and Limitations
    Also, while it can be difficult having strangers dig into your background and insist on your cooperation, it is vital that those being protected accept the high-levels of scrutiny and temporary limitations or restrictions put on their daily life. It is critical that the protection detail knows about all possible threats and that they can control the environment because it allows for proper preparation and security.

Choosing a Security Firm

When choosing a security firm that offers executive protection services, it is essential to find one that has experience in law enforcement and protection tactics. N.C. Protection Group has over 25 years of experience in security and protection and is made up of a team of experienced former law enforcement and military officers trained in state-of-the-art protection practices.

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