What is Concierge Security?

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What is Concierge Security?

Vendors and other clients like it when they’re welcomed right at the entrance of a building. This boosts their trust and makes up their mind about your business. This is where concierge guards are needed. They roll the red carpet for your clients. They are trained to have high-security professional standards. They’re the first people your employees and clients will encounter so they’re welcoming, smiling, and always ready to guide and help your people. If you’re looking for unarmed concierge security services in North Carolina, feel free to contact the North Carolina Protection Group.

So yes, they are the front-of-house for your business. An interesting fact about concierge guards is that they would be constantly guarding your building but without spreading fear or deter. Wondering how concierge security guards are different from other guards? Let’s see how they’re different to realize their importance.

What’s the Difference Between a Security Guard and Concierge Security?

Security guards are trained to safeguard your assets and people in the best possible way. For that, they might be armed and take care of everything in a professional way. No doubt, security guards have great communication skills along with many other important security Guard skills, but let’s accept: a giant-sized security guard will surely spread fear—and that’s what’s needed in various situations.

But concierge security, on the other hand, are guards with welcoming smiles and administrative skills as well. They keep your building functional in a professional way. The good thing is they also safeguard your building, but without making your people scared of them.

Once you know the difference between a security guard and concierge security, you would know the importance of hiring the most suitable guard for your business/site.

Doorman Vs Concierge

Are you thinking concierge guards are nothing but doormen? Well, concierge guards are much more than doormen because they not only welcome people but also guide and secure them— in the most professional way.

The doorman’s job is to open the doors for people and keep a smile on their faces. They are not trained to guide people and don’t have the skills to safeguard them either. Whereas, concierge guards are trained to be the front-of-house for your business. With proper training and experience, they know how to keep your people feeling safe yet welcoming.

For businesses where clients are expected any time of the day, hiring concierge security would be a good idea.

What Do Concierge Security Guards Do?

The job role of concierge security is much more than just safeguarding your assets. Let’s see what they’re capable of doing.

Greet People

The first impression is the last. That’s why concierge security guards make sure to greet everyone who enters your building with a smile. This spreads trust, warmth, and confidence in the people about your business.

Escort Everyone Safely Inside

This is when they show their security guard skills they escort people safely inside. The concierge guards make sure to maintain discipline and escort people quickly from the front gate to avoid crowd and confusion.

Guiding People to the Right Areas

Imagine your clients come in and there’s no one to guide them to the right place. They’ll feel confused and offended. Concierge guards guide people to the right department. This gesture leaves a great impression on your business and people. Your clients will know there’s a familiar face who will guide them to the right place.

Alerting Authorities of Potential Threats

Concierge security is not only welcoming people but also guarding your building—without spreading fear. Concierge guards are have takendifferent types of security guard training to take appropriate steps in case of emergencies. They alert the authorities in case they observe any suspicious activity. This way, they deter crime in the most effective way, without disturbing your building’s/business protocols.

Keep key Stakeholders Informed

It’s the job of concierge security guards to keep the key stakeholders updated and informed at all times. This gives immense peace of mind to the authorities as they know what’s going on in their building. Concierge guards also record every activity to make sure they can keep stakeholders informed with full confidence.

Benefits of Concierge Security For Businesses

Wondering why to hire concierge security when you have a doorman and other administrative personnel in place?As discussed earlier, the job role of concierge guards is much more than just welcoming your people. Following are the benefits of hiring concierge security that businesses reap right after.

On-Point Security

Concierge guards offer security that is needed at the entrance of your building. The security they offer is free from fear and restlessness. They secure your site without making your people uncomfortable. This is the type of security that you need in corporate areas where a lot is happening.

Employee and Visitor Safety

Checking everyone who’s coming into your building makes it a safe place. Concierge guards do this without making people uncomfortable.  They communicate in a friendly way yet they observe everyone closely.

They inform authorities well on time if someone suspicious is spotted.

Building’s Administrative Role

Concierge security guards are trained to guide people and make sure your building’s discipline is maintained. They answer questions and guide people to their respective places. For this, they have great communication skills and are highly vigilant and responsive.

Access to an Insider Knowledge

Concierge security is trained in a way that they know VERY well about their surroundings and neighborhood. Want to know about the best hotel in the area? Or the best place to dine in? Ask your concierge and they’ll know about it.

This gives you access to an expert who knows his area well.

Increase Customer Base

Last but not least, it’s proven that concierge security helps you get more clients. They help you lock more deals. This is because they give a positive and friendly impression of your business along with providing a safe environment. They actively boost the trust level of your prospects.

Are Concierge Security Services Only For Businesses?

Originally, The idea of hiring concierge security was for businesses but now people hire them for small and big residencies and mixed buildings as well.  Residencies also need someone to check in on who’s coming and receive parcels—giving a sense of security to you and your people 24/7.

So, concierge security is anyone who wants to have someone by their side, guiding and securing their people.

Where to Hire Executive Concierge Security Services in North Caroluina?

While concierge security gives you immense peace of mind but an inexperienced team can ruin your peace and business. Thastwhy, while hiring one for your business you should always make sure to hire the best. If you have a business in North Carolina and want concierge security services then you can rely on the North Carolina Protection Group trusted since 1999.

We have years of experience in providing the best concierge security services to our clients. Our guards are trained to perform all the duties as the front-of-house for your business. You will get apt services tailored according to your business needs.  Call a security specialist today for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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