Concierge Services

You will stress less when the NC Protection Group is caring for you.  We believe that nobody cares how much we know until they know how much we care….so, the combined 100 plus years of personal protection knowledge enjoyed by our team would be run-of-the-mill without the concierge mentality that separates us from the rest. Whether it’s transportation, dinner reservations, entertainment, errand running, or just a quiet evening at home with your family, we can make it happen. Safety, security and exceeding your expectations are always at the top of our list, and at the tips of our fingers. Here are just a few of the ways we take care of you:


We have formed an experienced team of limo service professionals as well as a fleet of state of the art vehicles that are committed to delivering the highest level of personalized service to meet and exceed your expectations. Our transportation goal is to simply provide you with the best resources to ensure you are delivered a safe, reliable Executive level vehicle with Executive level attention to detail. Vehicle services ranging from limos to luxury sedans and SUV’s are available 24 hours per day. (More discrete vehicles available upon request.) Private aircraft and yacht services also available.


When it comes to your personal protection travel package, we understand that you consider one thing very important, even more valuable than money: your time. When you want entertainment but are unfamiliar with the area, you don’t have time to search for options. We can quickly arrange reservations according to your specifications. Want to attend a hockey, baseball or basketball game? We’ve got just the ticket. Maybe an opera, musical or a concert event is more your style? Then we’re in tune to your request.

Errand Running

With our wide scope of coverage and agents located in various areas, we have the connections to serve all your needs as you never thought possible. The NC Protection Group can make arrangements to pick up your dry cleaning, facilitate your shipping and mailing and even tend to your personal shopping. You and yours will never have to worry about anything…when it comes to your safety and security, and your needs…we’ve got you covered!


The paparazzi who hunt and try to exploit VIP’s are often described as an unacceptable, but unavoidable, annoyance. Our staff will protect your interests and that of your client(s) to the greatest extent possible. If you do not wish to be photographed, we will make every effort to ensure that your request is honored. However, we understand that there are times when you want to be photographed, in certain environments, under specific circumstances. When you do decide that a photograph is appropriate, our staff will be there to ensure that it is done in a professional and safe manner. A Professional photographer can be arranged upon request.